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Has the electrical system in your vintage Toronto home fallen victim to storm damage or other weather-related issues? Older homes are doubly susceptible to storm damage. First off, the wiring is more prone to lightning strikes, power surges and other weather issues. Also, the power lines in older, more established neighbourhoods in Toronto tend to be overhead lines – that means they’re more likely to snap in high winds or buckle under the weight of snow and/or ice.

Count on KNT Electric for fast & successful repair of storm-damaged electrical wires & circuitry.



Whether high winds or lightning from a summer storm has wreaked havoc with your electrical system, or you’ve got damage to the entrance cable, riser cable or ground block from a winter storm, we can help. Once you’ve reported the outage to the electrical utility and inspected your home for damage, call KNT Electric in Toronto.

We’ll arrive at your home ASAP, assess the repairs needed to your electrical wiring and circuitry, then give you a quote. We put all our work orders in writing. Our teams are led by licensed master electricians, are covered up to $4M for liability insurance as well as by WSIB.


Chris M

Removal of old knob and tube wiring. Work done promptly and on-time and on-budget. Work place always cleaned up at end of day and power always restored. Very happy with the quality of the work done.

CB in Toronto

Toronto, ON


Hard to find helpful and honest guys in trades, but KNT are those guys. Tim came to our house to review our breaker panel. A previous electrician said we would have to replace the whole thing ($3-4K) and I wanted to get someone else to confirm that. Tim was honest and said it just needed a little cleaning and rust removal as it wasn’t terrible. Walked me through for 10 minutes what I would have to do and didn’t charge us at all. Thanks again for you honesty.

CB in Toronto

Toronto, ON

Knob & Tube Removal And Updates, Fixture Installations

“Tim and Bill were extremely helpful and knowledgable. The quote and the final invoice was so detailed and they were happy to explain the process and make recommendations. The daily team was very professional and worked efficiently to make the process as smooth as possible. They cleaned up every day and when all was finished, left us small neat patches to re-paint. We are SO thankful to have found”

CB in Toronto

Toronto, ON

Knob And Tube Replacement In Century Old Home

“ Excellent work. Tim’s crew were professional in getting the work done on time as promised. As promised, most of their holes were the size of a golf ball and as invasive as possible. This was important to us as we wanted to minimize the cost of repairing our plaster walls. I would however recommend going with a professional taper to re-plaster the walls. All in all, no complaints.”


Toronto, ON

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for reporting storm-related electrical issues and getting repairs?2024-03-05T21:11:35+00:00

In the event of storm-related electrical issues, it’s advised to report outages to the electrical utility and inspect your home for damage. Subsequently, contacting KNT Electric is crucial. The company will respond quickly, assess the required repairs to your electrical wiring and circuitry, and provide you with a detailed written quote.

How quickly can I expect a response for storm damage repair from KNT Electric?2024-03-05T21:11:20+00:00

KNT Electric understands the urgency of storm damage repairs. Upon reporting an outage to the electrical utility and inspecting your home for damage, contacting KNT Electric in Toronto will prompt a rapid response. The company is committed to arriving at your home promptly to assess the needed repairs and provide a written quote.

What safety measures does KNT Electric have in place for storm damage repairs?2024-03-05T20:59:19+00:00

KNT Electric prioritizes safety in storm damage repairs. The company’s teams are covered by up to $4 million for liability insurance, offering protection in the rare event of unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, they are covered by WSIB, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining a safe working environment during storm damage repair operations.

How are KNT Electric’s teams qualified for storm damage repair?2024-03-05T20:59:06+00:00

KNT Electric ensures the professionalism and expertise of its teams by having them led by licensed master electricians. This ensures that the storm damage repair work is carried out by qualified and experienced professionals, providing homeowners with confidence in the quality and safety of the service.

Why is it important to have storm damage repaired promptly?2024-03-05T20:58:51+00:00

Prompt repair of storm damage is crucial to ensure the safety and functionality of your electrical system. Delayed repairs can lead to further complications, posing risks to your home and its occupants. Addressing storm damage promptly also helps prevent potential electrical hazards and ensures a swift return to normalcy.

What types of storm damage does the electrical repair service cover?2024-03-05T20:58:06+00:00

The storm damage electrical repair service from KNT Electric covers a range of issues. Whether your vintage home has suffered damage from high winds, lightning during summer storms, or issues related to winter storms like damage to entrance cables, riser cables, or ground blocks, KNT Electric is equipped to address these challenges.

Why are vintage Toronto homes more susceptible to storm damage?2024-03-05T20:57:41+00:00

Vintage homes in Toronto are more susceptible to storm damage due to several factors. The wiring in these homes is often more prone to lightning strikes, power surges, and other weather-related issues. Additionally, the presence of overhead power lines in established neighbourhoods increases the likelihood of damage during high winds or under the weight of snow and ice.