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If you own an older home in Toronto, you may have noticed that it probably isn’t keeping up with today’s demands for electrical service. Modern appliances as well as technological devices have made it so we consume more energy and require more electrical outlets. That means that it’s probably time to upgrade your electrical service. Most of Toronto’s older homes were equipped with 100-amp electrical service – enough to power life decades ago, but not today.

To upgrade your home to 200-amp service, call on KNT Electric in Toronto. Our teams are led by a licensed master electrician, and we’re experienced in upgrading electrical service fully compliant with electrical code and best practices.



Upgrading your electrical service from 60 or 100 amps to 200 amps along with replacing your electrical panel. That’s because the panel would need to accommodate additional circuits. Electrical panel replacement can also become necessary when some specialty breakers are added; or when your insurance company requests that you change the panel from fuse breakers (which are associated with risk) to a breaker panel.

At KNT Electric in Toronto we only use high-quality electric panels. Our work is always conducted and/or supervised by a Licensed Master Electrician, and we’ve been serving older homes in Toronto with electrical circuitry repairs and replacement for over 30 years.


Chris M

Removal of old knob and tube wiring. Work done promptly and on-time and on-budget. Work place always cleaned up at end of day and power always restored. Very happy with the quality of the work done.

CB in Toronto

Toronto, ON


Hard to find helpful and honest guys in trades, but KNT are those guys. Tim came to our house to review our breaker panel. A previous electrician said we would have to replace the whole thing ($3-4K) and I wanted to get someone else to confirm that. Tim was honest and said it just needed a little cleaning and rust removal as it wasn’t terrible. Walked me through for 10 minutes what I would have to do and didn’t charge us at all. Thanks again for you honesty.

CB in Toronto

Toronto, ON

Knob & Tube Removal And Updates, Fixture Installations

“Tim and Bill were extremely helpful and knowledgable. The quote and the final invoice was so detailed and they were happy to explain the process and make recommendations. The daily team was very professional and worked efficiently to make the process as smooth as possible. They cleaned up every day and when all was finished, left us small neat patches to re-paint. We are SO thankful to have found”

CB in Toronto

Toronto, ON

Knob And Tube Replacement In Century Old Home

“ Excellent work. Tim’s crew were professional in getting the work done on time as promised. As promised, most of their holes were the size of a golf ball and as invasive as possible. This was important to us as we wanted to minimize the cost of repairing our plaster walls. I would however recommend going with a professional taper to re-plaster the walls. All in all, no complaints.”


Toronto, ON

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Across this great city of Toronto, KNT Electric is here to serve your vintage home’s electrical needs. With a growing team we’re able to meet demands throughout Toronto & the GTA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure that KNT Electric uses high-quality electrical panels in the upgrade process?2024-03-05T22:20:54+00:00

KNT Electric emphasizes the use of high-quality electric panels in their services. They source and install panels that meet industry standards for durability and performance. Additionally, the work is conducted and/or supervised by a Licensed Master Electrician, ensuring the highest level of quality and safety in the panel upgrade process.

What sets KNT Electric apart in serving older homes in Toronto for over 30 years?2024-03-05T21:01:31+00:00

KNT Electric’s extensive experience of over 30 years in serving older homes in Toronto establishes them as a trusted provider of electrical circuitry repairs and replacements. Their commitment to quality, compliance with electrical codes, and the leadership of licensed master electricians make them a reliable choice for homeowners seeking expertise in upgrading their electrical systems.

Why is KNT Electric recommending a 200-amp service upgrade specifically?2024-03-05T21:01:07+00:00

A 200-amp service upgrade is recommended by KNT Electric to meet the increased energy demands of modern lifestyles. This ensures that your home can handle the simultaneous use of multiple appliances and devices without overloading the electrical system. The upgrade aligns your home with contemporary electrical standards.

When is it necessary to replace the electrical panel during an upgrade?2024-03-05T21:00:47+00:00

The electrical panel replacement becomes necessary during an upgrade when additional circuits are needed, or when specialty breakers are introduced. Furthermore, if your insurance company requests a change from fuse breakers to a breaker panel for safety reasons, KNT Electric can seamlessly handle this aspect of the upgrade.

What does a main service panel upgrade from KNT Electric entail?2024-03-05T21:00:33+00:00

The upgrade involves increasing your electrical service from either 60 or 100 amps to 200 amps. This includes the replacement of your electrical panel to accommodate additional circuits. KNT Electric ensures that the entire process is compliant with electrical codes and industry best practices, providing a comprehensive solution for your home’s electrical needs.

How do I know if my home requires a main electrical service panel upgrade?2024-03-05T21:00:21+00:00

If you’ve noticed that your electrical system struggles to keep up with the demands of modern technology, or if you frequently experience tripped circuits or insufficient outlets, it may be time for an upgrade. Consulting with a licensed master electrician, like those at KNT Electric in Toronto, can help assess your home’s specific needs.

Why should I consider upgrading my main electrical service panel in my older Toronto home?2024-03-05T20:59:59+00:00

Older homes in Toronto may have electrical service panels with a capacity of 100 amps, which was sufficient in the past. However, with the increased energy demands of modern appliances and devices, upgrading to a 200-amp service is advisable to meet current needs. This ensures a reliable and efficient power supply for contemporary living.