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Electrical Experts

Do you have electrical concerns in your property, emergencies in your home, or important repairs in your business place? You are a service call with KNT Electric away from getting everything resolved and back in place.

We have a team of professional electricians with the certifications and licenses required to complete virtually any electrical project of your choosing. Because we always love to answer your service calls on time, our team of licensed electricians is local. This is one major factor that helps us promptly handle your requests in Leslieville. We are fast, reliable, professional, and prompt with our service calls. So, if you have a situation that requires the professional services of an electrician company, you can give us a call today for excellent results.

At KNT Electric, we use our many years of troubleshooting expertise to diagnose your problems more efficiently than many others out there, keeping the project more cost-effective for you!  Contact us today to get started with a free quote.


Knob and tube replacement

Replacing knob & tube wiring is a valuable step in upgrading your home for the 21st century.

Knob and tube replacement

Replacing knob-and-tube wiring and upgrading to modern, more conventional, 100% copper wiring is often necessary, because of degradation over time. Make the safe move to support your 21st century appliances and devices in Leslieville.

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Service & Panel upgrades

Many of Leslieville’s older homes don't have enough power to support today's devices.

Service & Panel upgrades

To better support your appliances & devices with electrical enhancements, call on KNT Electric in Leslieville. We can upgrade your electrical service and/or electrical panel.

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storm damage Emergency Service

Has the electrical system in your older home suffered weather or storm damage or issues?

Knob and tube replacement

Older homes are doubly susceptible to storm damage and weather issues, as the wiring is more prone to lightning strikes & power surges; overhead power lines in older, more established neighbourhoods in Leslieville are also vulnerable.

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Our Leslieville Electrical Services

Knob and Tube replacements

Modern appliances & fixtures require that a bonding wire be connected to the outlets. Knob-and-tube wiring systems are missing this. If you have such a system, it’s time for an upgrade to 100% copper wire.


Electrical repairs should not be attempted by untrained individuals since they are exceedingly risky. KNT Electric can resolve any issue, whether a fixture is broken or some of your appliance wiring needs new insulation.


An in-depth understanding of the materials that must be utilized, the workload that can be supported, and how to make things go smoothly is necessary for electrical installation. We’ll make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible while also safely supplying electricity throughout the building.


We will professionally assess your current residential and commercial wiring and perform the necessary rewiring, capacity or safety upgrades to reduce your fire hazard risk.


Your home reflects your style, and we can give you the remodeled lighting you’ve always wanted. We can install dimmers, switches, timers, outlets with USB ports, and as many light fixtures in your home remodel as you need

We also offer service panel upgrades, storm damage &emergency services, EV charger installations and Hot Tub wiring and installations. Contact us today to get started!


Chris M

Removal of old knob and tube wiring. Work done promptly and on-time and on-budget. Work place always cleaned up at end of day and power always restored. Very happy with the quality of the work done.

CB in Toronto

Toronto, ON


Hard to find helpful and honest guys in trades, but KNT are those guys. Tim came to our house to review our breaker panel. A previous electrician said we would have to replace the whole thing ($3-4K) and I wanted to get someone else to confirm that. Tim was honest and said it just needed a little cleaning and rust removal as it wasn’t terrible. Walked me through for 10 minutes what I would have to do and didn’t charge us at all. Thanks again for you honesty.

CB in Toronto

Toronto, ON

Knob & Tube Removal And Updates, Fixture Installations

“Tim and Bill were extremely helpful and knowledgable. The quote and the final invoice was so detailed and they were happy to explain the process and make recommendations. The daily team was very professional and worked efficiently to make the process as smooth as possible. They cleaned up every day and when all was finished, left us small neat patches to re-paint. We are SO thankful to have found”

CB in Toronto

Toronto, ON

Knob And Tube Replacement In Century Old Home

“ Excellent work. Tim’s crew were professional in getting the work done on time as promised. As promised, most of their holes were the size of a golf ball and as invasive as possible. This was important to us as we wanted to minimize the cost of repairing our plaster walls. I would however recommend going with a professional taper to re-plaster the walls. All in all, no complaints.”


Toronto, ON

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Across this great city of Toronto, KNT Electric is here to serve your vintage home’s electrical needs. With a growing team we’re able to meet demands throughout Toronto & the GTA.