Knob and Tube Replacement Solutions
KNT Electric is Toronto's premier provider of Knob and Tube Replacement Services. Our proprietary technique and experience ensure minimal incisions to your valuable home's vintage interior finish.

Our crews have performed thousands of knob and tube replacement jobs in the Toronto area. We use special tools and techniques in combination with our years of experience to upgrade the wiring of your vintage home. 

By choosing KNT Electric you will find that we:

  • Each job is assigned a project manager from beginning to end who will listen to you and will take care of your questions, requirements, and other concerns
  • Detailed Progress Report is provided on all significant events
  • Provide an Electricians Report to satisfy insurance companies
  • Clean-up and restore power at the end of each work day
  • Protect your furniture, cover all floors and stairs
  • Provide patch-up services to wall and ceilings making them ready for paint
  • Thoroughly clean-up and remove all garbage at the end of the job

Knob and tube wiring was safe. The ESA and most electrical consultants considered this open wire system acceptable. However, the insulation (covering) for the wires of knob and tube wiring are well over 70 years old. The covering/sheathing has dried out, cracked, crumbled away, chewed on by rodents and in most cases have reached the end of its usefulness. In view, the system has no bonding wire connected to the outlets and to the loads, which all modern fixtures and appliances require, we suggest all knob and tube wiring be replaced with time tested brand new 100% copper wiring. It is standard and safe for non-active/disconnected  knob and tube wiring to remain inside your walls.

Reasons to replace knob and tube wiring:

1. Fire hazard caused by uncontained sparks from arcing
2. Unable to serve enough power for today's electrical devices and appliances
3. knob and tube wiring is not acceptable by almost all home insurance companies

Most Insurance Companies are reluctant to renew policies to homes with knob and tube wiring. Buyers of homes with knob and tube wiring may find it difficult if not impossible to get insurance coverage. For the owners of homes with knob and tube wiring, it is best to replace it before putting your home on the market for sale. You will get a much better price for your property and much less hassle from perspective buyers.


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